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We can do better, together.

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Our country is great,

but our political system is broken.

The issues that currently face the families in our district aren't Democrat or Republican issues. They're problems that need to be solved regardless of party politics.

For too long, the representatives of California's 25th district have put party politics ahead of their constituents. It is this kind of insider politician mentality that has disenfranchised so many voters.

I am sounding the alarm.

Decisions that will impact our futures and our children's futures are being made now. Our community and our country are better off when our voters are engaged and advocating for their needs.

That's why I am running for Congress to represent the community where I have lived and worked my entire life.

We can do better, together.

I want your endorsement.

Endorsements from real people in our community are more important than endorsements from politicians. Let's show everyone that we are standing together, and that together we have the power to make a difference.

This isn't about what politicians want. It's about you, your family and neighbors, and the community we all call home.

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about Katie

Katie Hill is the Deputy CEO of PATH, a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending homelessness across California. She has spent the majority of her career addressing  homelessness, one of the most complex and far-reaching problems in the region. She has deep community ties and a real-world track record of leadership, innovation, and public service. She and her husband, Kenny, live on a small hobby farm in Agua Dulce with chickens, goats, a horse, and several rescue dogs and cats.

Katie Hill is running for Congress to represent the community she loves.

She brings a demonstrated track record of leadership, innovation, public service, and lifelong community ties that extend throughout California’s 25th District. Katie is dedicated to the priorities and needs of her community, not special interests or divisive party politics. She is precisely who we need in Congress to fight for all Americans.

Every generation of Katie’s family has served in the military going back to the Revolutionary War. She believes that one of our most basic responsibilities as a nation is to take care of our veterans. Her organization, PATH, has focused on serving homeless veterans with the fundamental belief that no veteran should ever have to sleep on our streets.

Katie currently serves as Executive Director and Deputy CEO of PATH, a not-for-profit corporation with the mission to end homelessness for individuals, families, and communities across California. In the last four years, under her leadership, PATH has helped more than 1,800 chronically homeless individuals, 2,100 veterans, and 2,600 families make it home into permanent housing.

Katie shares a deep understanding of the criminal justice system from the inside. Both her father and father-in-law are police officers, and her sister-in-law is a criminal prosecutor. Through her work in social services, she has seen the system fail time and time again. She believes that massive reform is needed to provide the rehabilitation services and opportunities needed for people to reintegrate successfully into society. She believes that far more funding needs to be invested in evidence-based interventions (drugs, gangs, education) than in incarceration. The root social problems that cause people to commit crimes have to be dealt with, while still protecting our police and our citizens. Katie fundamentally believes it is possible to do both.

Katie believes that we need to move away from the idea that old manufacturing jobs will ever come back. She believes we must find innovative ways to build out new industries and create new, high paying jobs. She believes that in order to move our economy into the 21st century and beyond we need to invest in infrastructure at all levels, in small business, in the service economy, and in technology.

Katie knows her vision will cost money and as someone who has had to develop and operate a lean, balanced budget for years, she knows it will require major tax reforms and the reallocation of resources. But she believes that the burden of critical investment should not be borne by working and middle class Americans – that corporations and the 1% should not get to pay a lower tax rate than the people of our district working hard to do their best for their families.

A local through and through, Katie and her husband Kenny live in Agua Dulce and are both natives of the Santa Clarita and Antelope Valleys. Katie graduated from all local schools – Highlands Elementary, Arroyo Seco Junior High, and Saugus High School, then CSUN for her undergraduate and again for her Master’s in Public Administration, which she obtained through the University Center at College of the Canyons while working full time.

Through her work, Katie has overseen hundreds of government contracts, giving her direct insight into the needs they meet and how they could become more efficient and effective. She brings the fresh perspective of someone coming from outside of politics, but she has partnered closely with political leaders and government officials and understands the complexities involved in creating real change. She also knows all too well how to operate on lean resources while expanding services and maintaining quality.

Katie Hill is a new kind of politician: one who is ready to put the community's priorities ahead of party politics in Washington. Katie has spent her entire life in California's 25th District, and she knows that good jobs, quality education, and supporting our veterans are what really matters to our families. She’s ready to go to bat for these issues and more in Congress.


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We need to harness the power of the grassroots to help our community and our country work together, and we need your help to make it happen.

There are three quarters of a million people in our district. If we pool our resources and abilities together, we can get our country back where it belongs: in the hands of the American people.



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